Keyword analysis for seo

SEO keyword research is necessary prior starting seo on your niche-

How to choose the search terms or keywords wisely :

Keyword selection can be considered as the first step of search engine optimization for your website.

You need to choose good but not too competitive keywords , specially target such keywords on which you can get ranks. You need to understand on which keywords you can compete with others in the Google 1st page, specially with big websites.

3 cases normally arises when anyone wants to start seo for his / her website. Normally every business owner has a biz domain & he/she has some products or services of some kind of specification details. Those comes into play during keyword selection. So it can be a product model name to a Generic name. E.g you can choose as your search term - Sony Camcorder, also you can choose a search term like SONY CX190.

So when you want to choose some keywords, 3 cases may arise as stated below -

But if your website is a new one, and just launched, then this could be very frustrating and might take a year or more, to get top 10 ranking in Google Yahoo bing. It is very natural that after 3 or 6 months your site will not even in top 50 or top 100 positions on the case 2 or 3.

What we recommend on selecting the keywords : if your site is less than 1 year old -


What we recommend : if your site is more than 1 year old & have good reputation to Google

Keyword Competition must be considered before starting SEO.

More about keyword Analysis service -

    1. Potential keywords for your business
    2. The best keywords from your website
    3. Keywords your competitors are using
    4. All possible keyword variations
    5. We use some keyword tools to finalize the best keyword selection for your business