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What is SEO

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to get top ranking in Google Yahoo bing web search results. Our SEO consultants will place your site in top positions. Know more

Get visitors by seo

When your customers will make web search for the service you provide or the goods you sell, they will get your site in top of Google search results. Also in Yahoo bing search results.

3. Increase Sales

More visitors leads to increased customer base, eventually your business profit will get a boost. By SEO you can get free of cost visitors for long time.

Paid ranking (PPC)

PPC ranking- This is not SEO. When you pay you will get ranks in Google, when you don't pay, no ranks. For every visitor you need to pay $1 to $4 on average.

Google SEO Services in 2013: Get top 10 ranking in Google Yahoo bing


Global searching

2013 SEO basics for Google top placement -

Now SEO services does not mean backlink building - If you are thinking to get some backlinks from here & there & expecting to get Google 1st page, then you are in wrong path. To start seo, you need a strategy, choosing keywords, natural links & all these are included in our seo services.

Good content is a pre-requisite : To rank well in Google you need good textual content in your pages. You need to build up unique good quality content which must not be copied from somewhere. Duplicate content is a penalizing factors for seo ranking.

Authority of Website : Now a site will rank well if Google thinks that site is a good authority website, and a reputed website in the niche, so by seo you need to gain authority.

Website optimization (Google) in 2013:

Present Google guidelines on SEO : According to Google Penguin & Panda updates since April 2012, the old Google SEO strategies has changed top to bottom & classic link building concepts works no more (e.g 1000s of web directory links, 100s of forum links, 1000s of blog comments) & Google will penalize your website if you follow these type of procedures. Already many websites lost ranks from Google 1st page to 50th page in 2012 by these Google updates. Now Google is emphasizing on website content and natural back links from other related sites.

When you require a SEO Consultant !!!!

  • If you own a small or medium size business and seeking more clients or customers via Google Yahoo bing search results pages (SERP).
  • Want to reach to the target customer base via internet, who are searching for the goods you sell or services you provide to your own client, seo works for both..
  • Seeking city or state or countr based customer base,e.g seo can help a law firm in a particular city state to increase client base.
  • Just pay once and get FREE TRAFFIC without recurring payment.
  • Want to get top 10 search egine ranking in major search engines like Google Yahoo! bing.
  • Don't have much budget to do Pay per click campaign continuously.

White Hat SEO :

  • Top search engine placement service by ethical seo techniques with quality works.
  • Importance on content of target pages.
  • No more than 5 target keywords per webpage.
  • Quality backlinks from niche sites
  • No unethical procedures to get Google Top Ranking..
  • No penalty or banning by Google Yahoo.
  • Off page and On page optimization, both services included.

The advantages of seo rankings

  • Long Lasting Traffic : Once started to get ranks , getting visitors is an autopilot.
  • Top 10 search engine ranking is FREE !!! So, no need of continuous payment.
  • Top positions in Google Yahoo! bing will boost the number of visitors to your website.
  • Organic SEO does not require any payment to search engines.

How to get a Google first page ranking?


What is our target : We shall take some keywords suggestion from you, and when these phrases or related phrases will be searched in Google, Yahoo, bing, Lycos, Altavista etc search engines, then your website will get a high ranking in search engine result pages (SERP) .

How long seo needs to be continued ?

Search engine ranking is free but time taking process. You can get first page ranking within one month to few months , even a year . SEO ranking depends on many factors like  search phrases, domain name, domain age, site's textual content etc. So when you are going to achieve top positions in Google Yahoo bing can't be pretold prior starting seo service, we can just predict a time frame as an preliminary assumption.

So many factors are involved in seo process and quality seo work takes time. Longer you do SEO on your site, the longer you will stay in first page ranking in Google Yahoo bing. We recommend for new sites to continue SEO for 6 months to 1 year.

No SEO company is authorized to guarantee you any particular ranking positon in non paid search engine results pages on any number of keywords.

So stating this type of commitment - "Guaranteed #1 Google organic ranking" or "top 3 positions guaranteed" is a SCAM. These organic ranks are provided by search engines algorithms (automated programs).

So what we state as SEO service guarantee : If you dont get desired results you will get your money back**.

** Depends on your seo campaign package, to know more contact our seo customer service.

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