Get first page top ranking in Google

RiG SEO Service provides top 10 search engine ranking & website optimization services. SEO for WordPress Joomla Drupal. Rank your ecommerce sites in top 10 positions in Google bing.

Website Optimization

Search engine optimizing an website is the FREE of COST method to get leads. When we search ? We search in Google when we need something.. an iPhone, New android phone, a new stylish bed or some kind of information or service.

Content Optimization

Content is the king on SEO. In general it is true. There exists some exception. But you don't expect good ranking if you donot have good textual content also haing some images, videos. This is a pre requisite for SEO.

Video SEO service

When we talk about seo - we mean website content & related URL to show up in Google first page ranking. But apart from this, we need to search engine optimize images, videos, ecommerce products-to show them in top of Google.

Looking for Google first page ranking service? You have 2 choice-

  • Only follow white hat search engine optimization techniques.
  • Restrain yourself from getting links by money.
  • Follow Google guidelines.
  • Donot try to get links from anywhere.

SEO is best suited for small business or B2B model

  • Get free traffic for long time.
  • If you think seo is to get links, then itsnot true. Try not to get links from here and there. This can ruin your site's ranking.
  • Try to survive from periodic Google algorithm updates.

The following Google algorithm updates controls Google ranking

Google Panda Update:

Google Panda is a search filter introduced in February 2011, a filter designed to penalize thin or poor content websites from ranking well. This update downranks sites with poor quality content from Google's top search results. Panda algorithm is updated from time-to-time.

Latest Panda Update : Panda 4.1 Google's 27th Panda Update

Google Penguin Update

Google launched the 1st Penguin Update in April 2012 to catch websites involved in spamming Google search results. Penguin targeted websites involved in buying links or obtaining them through link networks. Also Google Penguin targeted link selling firms involved in selling links for its clients to boost client sites Google rankings.

Friday, October 17th 2014, Google announced an update of the Penguin algorithm, also called Penguin 3.0 and it was a worldwide update, impacted almost 1% search results on English queries.